Dr. Farnam is a nationally recognized trainer of surgeons in the field of robotic surgery.

His work on the forefront of advanced medical technology led El Paso to being selected as the first and only da Vinci Robotic Epicenter for gynecologic surgery in the Southwest. As one of only 16 da Vinci Epicenters in the United States, it serves as a national destination and training site for robotic surgeons.

The da Vinci robot has enabled gynecologic surgeons to offer a minimally invasive option to the vast majority of women and provide better outcomes than traditional open surgery. The potential for better outcomes depends on surgical teams achieving proficiency in preparing for and performing da Vinci Surgery. As the director of one of only 16 da Vinci Robotic Epicenters in the nation, Dr. Farnam is at the forefront in mentoring other physicians for achieving excellent outcomes using minimally invasive surgery techniques.

Map of experienced gynecologic surgeons

What is an Epicenter?

  • An elite network of the nation’s most experienced robotic gynecologic surgeons.
  • A comprehensive surgical training program directed by a master surgeon who demonstrates best practices. The master proctors and mentors new robotic surgeons.
  • A rare and distinguished honor given to the top da Vinci GYN surgeons in the U.S. for excellent surgical outcomes and innovation in research.

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