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As many as 26% of women report regretting the decision to undergo tubal ligation for sterilization. Internationally recognized robotic surgeon Richard Farnam, MD, performs minimally invasive tubal ligation reversal procedures at Texas Urogynecology & Laser Surgery Center in El Paso, Texas. If you want to have a baby after tubal ligation and wish to avoid in-vitro fertilization, call or book an appointment online today.


Tubal Reversal Q & A

What is tubal ligation?

Commonly known as getting your tubes tied, tubal ligation is a permanent form of birth control that involves surgically blocking, cutting, or tying the fallopian tubes. Tubal ligation is among the most effective forms of contraception.

Although tubal ligation is meant to be permanent, sometimes life circumstances change, and you decide you want to have children. In these situations, it’s crucial to select a skilled surgeon. Dr. Farnam is one of the most highly trained da Vinci® robotic surgeons in the world and among the first to use this system in the El Paso area.

How do you reverse tubal ligation?

Dr. Farnam performs microsurgical tubal ligation reversal using the da Vinci Robotic System. Though robotic surgery may sound daunting, don’t worry. Dr. Farnam is always 100% in control of the procedure.

Tubal ligation reversal with the da Vinci robot is a minimally invasive procedure that offers several benefits, including:

  • Smaller incisions
  • Faster recovery
  • Less postoperative pain
  • Ability to go home the same day

The da Vinci system uses a telescopic camera to provide an excellent view of your fallopian tubes without making a large incision. Dr. Farnam performs the tubal ligation reversal from an operative terminal, where he controls the robotic arms. This allows him to perform the surgery directly, instead of relying on the hands of a surgical assistant.

How successful is tubal ligation reversal?

Dr. Farnam is among the most experienced and highly trained robotic surgeons in the world. To date, he’s performed over 2,000 robotic procedures in El Paso.

However, even the most skilled surgeon can’t guarantee 100% success for a procedure as complicated as tubal ligation reversal. About 65-75% of women who get a tubal ligation reversal are able to successfully get pregnant.

What should I expect from tubal ligation reversal?

First, Dr. Farnam performs a thorough physical exam to ensure you’re a good candidate for tubal ligation reversal. It’s helpful if you bring the operative note from your original tubal ligation surgery to the appointment.

Once he evaluates the methods of your tubal ligation procedure, Dr. Farnam creates a surgical plan to best restore your fertility. Details of the reversal procedure vary depending on the type of tubal ligation you had.

To learn more about your options for pregnancy after tubal ligation, call Texas Urogynecology & Laser Surgery Center or book an appointment online. The Tubal Reversal procedure is not covered by insurance and the total cost of the procedure is approximately $10,000.