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If childbirth or the passage of time have caused uncomfortable changes in your labia, you may be a good candidate for labiaplasty. World-renowned gynecologic surgeon Richard Farnam, MD, and the team at Texas Urogynecology & Laser Surgery Center perform labiaplasty procedures at their location in El Paso, Texas. To re-sculpt the size and shape of your labia, call or book an appointment online today.


Labiaplasty Q & A

What is labiaplasty?

Your labia are the inner and outer folds of skin on either side of your vagina. A labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of labia that’s grown long from stretched skin. It can also reshape uneven labia for improved aesthetics.

As an internationally recognized, board-certified female pelvic reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Farnam is qualified to deliver the results you seek from a labiaplasty procedure.

Why would I want a labiaplasty?

Women seek out labiaplasty for a variety of reasons. It’s common for the labia to stretch after childbirth or the natural aging process. This may result in a stretched labium that causes painful twisting or tugging during exercise or sexual activity.

Labiaplasty alleviates the pain and irritation of loose skin while improving the appearance of your vagina. As a result, you can look forward to a boost in sexual confidence, comfort, and satisfaction. Many women find that labiaplasty dramatically improves their overall quality of life.

What should I expect from a labiaplasty procedure?

First, Dr. Farnam performs a thorough physical exam to make sure labiaplasty is right for you. He discusses your concerns and goals for the procedure, then creates a personalized treatment plan.

Dr. Farnam performs labiaplasty while you’re under general anesthesia or gentle sedation with local anesthesia. The entire procedure takes about two hours.

During labiaplasty surgery, Dr. Farnam removes the appropriate amount of tissue from your labia and then stitches up the incision with absorbable sutures.

After labiaplasty surgery, you should plan to take about a week off from work or regular activities to rest and recover. You’ll experience swelling and discomfort after labiaplasty, but most swelling subsides within about six weeks. Residual swelling can last up to six months.

You can reduce inflammation and discomfort by icing your labia and lying down with a pillow under your bottom. After about four to six weeks, you should be able to resume having sexual intercourse and using tampons.

To find out if labiaplasty is right for you, call Texas Urogynecology & Laser Surgery Center to speak with a team member or book a consultation online today.